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The Healthy Pet Guide – to appear in the Mail on Sunday, June 2019

 When it comes to our dogs, health is one of the most important issues. There are many issues we can tackle easily – when we see that our dog is in a good mood, interested, has a good appetite, we are reassured that he feels good. But does he really feel as good as possible?

Active and healthy life

Whether you have an ever-moving dog, or a somewhat “lazier” dog, one thing is sure, he needs to get out every day, to go for a walk with you, for a few minutes or even hours. What kind of equipment do you choose for him for that? If your answer is that you use only high quality, reliable and durable leashes and harnesses, then the products of JULIUS-K9® are for you.

A multinational company from Hungary

JULIUS-K9® has a history of more than 20 years. Its initial success was due to the original design of its dog harness, which was purchased primarily by law enforcement agencies. In recent years, however, demand has shifted more and more towards dogs kept as a pet, so now the manufacturer offers the right dog harness to everyone. It has sold almost ten million harnesses to date.

Health, safety and comfort – your dog longs for LONGWALK too

IDC® Powerharness, the harness for everyday life

The dog equipment manufacturing company has been developing and testing various dog equipment for more than 20 years, and now offers different harnesses for different activities to dog lovers. Their best known product, the IDC® Powerharness, has been the favourite accessory for short daily walks, everyday life with a dog for close to ten years now all over the world. It is a dog harness that has been designed by the manufacturer based on physical calculations, to make the chest strap of the harness capable of distributing the pulling force acting on the chest of the dog as effectively as possible, that is to make it as comfortable for the dog as possible when he is lead and controlled on a leash.

Health, safety and comfort – your dog longs for LONGWALK too

IDC®LONGWALK dog harness, the harness for long walks

The latest development of the company has been inspired by long dog walks. The new IDC®LONGWALK dog harness is an accessory for leisurely explorations and memorable adventures.
Research by the manufacturer has shown that when walking a dog on a leash, the body of the dog, and that of the human walking it, may be subjected to thousands of vibrations through the harness and the leash as well. These micro-vibrations may have an adverse effect on the joints of both the dog and the human in the long term, therefore the longer you walk with your dog, the more you need joint protection to preserve your health.


The joint-friendly Duo-Flex® system

The purpose of the Duo-Flex® micro-vibration absorbing system incorporated into the IDC®LONGWALK dog harness is to dampen the smaller or larger tuggings acting on the dog and the human in every situation. The IDC®LONGWALK dog harness protects the joints when the leash tightens, and even when you release the dog and he is off the leash. Unlike traditional y-harnesses that due to their structure fail to follow the movement of the shoulders, and fail to dampen the effects resulting from the movement of the shoulders, the elastic elements of the IDC®LONGWALK dog harness move with every step of the dog – thus protecting his joints.


Choose the right harness for every occasion, to enjoy every moment of your time together!

Health, safety and comfort – your dog longs for LONGWALK too

Have you chosen the right dog equipment for yourselves? Then we show you some tips on how to make your dog feel even better and as healthy as possible.

Health, safety and comfort – your dog longs for LONGWALK too

  • healthy diet – pay attention to quality and also to giving your dog the right portion for his age and weight
  • active lifestyle – pay attention to ensuring that your dog can get as much exercise as he wants
  • the company of dogs – dogs are social creatures too, so they enjoy playing with other dogs
  • lots of love – attention, stroking, petting: your dog longs for them too
  • well-deserved rest – although he likes to be with you very much, your dog also needs a calm, quiet rest and a little privacy
  • safe home – try to remove toxic plants and chemicals from your home

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