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We were granted the Superbrands award!

nov - 25 - 2019
Julius Sebő

For the first time in 2019 we were granted the Superbrands award, which for our consumers is an assurance of quality, and for us is a significant professional feedback that we are on the right track.

This year marks the fifteenth consecutive year that the Professional Comittee of Superbrands Hungary handed out its Superbrands awards. To our greatest pleasure, in 2019 the professional jury decided that our company is worthy of the award, listing us together with such prestigious names like Microsoft, Nike or the Budapest Zoo and Botanical Garden.

Superbrands is a trademark that symbolises outstanding quality. Within the framework of the international program, only the very best consumer and business brands are granted this award. It is nominated annually by an independent panel of marketing and management professionals. The nomination is based on professional consideration only, it cannot be applied or tendered.

The award is very positive feedback on the Julius-K9® brand, that highlights the best on a professional basis. Not only does it provide safety for our customers, but also guarantees that they choose a quality product.

Our company has been present on the market of dog-accessories since 1997, and our harnesses are very popular worldwide among both pet owners and the professional dog community.

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