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Sicher und entspannt durch den Alltag

Ein hektischer Morgen, kalter Kaffee, die Haare gerademal zu einem Zopf gebunden und der Hund muss vor der Arbeit auch noch raus…

Les 6 (vrais) Meilleurs Harnais pour Chien 2019 – Comparatif Complet

IDC® Dog Harness Tensile Test 2018

The aim of the study is to determine, using 3D motion capture, how the usage of different harnesses changes the dog’s walking kinematics compared to free (unleashed) movements. Due to limited capture volume, a part of the trial was carried out using a treadmill. The difference between compulsive speed and natural walking limits the study. To eliminate this limitation, a few steps of ground walks were also recorded in each  [ Read More ]

JULIUS-K9® IDC® Powerharness movement

Brief Overview We have determined that JULIUS-K9® IDC® Powerharness doesn’t hinder the movement of the dog during running. The Hungarian Greyhound Race Society (MAVE) and Alsónémedi Greyhound Park, which conforms to European standards, examined JULIUS-K9® IDC® Powerharnesses in a common study to determine whether they have an effect on dogs’ running time and freedom of movement. The results unequivocally confirm that using only JULIUS-K9® IDC® Powerharness there is no restraint on the animal’s movement. We have determined that  [ Read More ]

Lifepul & Dog Screek dog harness review

Health, safety and c

The Healthy Pet Guide – to appear in the Mail ...

Longwalk kutyahám a

A Novum az innováció, a tudomány és a technológia magazinműsora. ...

Sicher und entspannt

Ein hektischer Morgen, kalter Kaffee, die Haare gerademal zu einem ...

A találmányok hoss

Sebő Gyula: Minden védelem ellenére számolni kell azzal, hogy az ...

JULIUS-K9 Zrt. wins

– it puts an end to a case which has ...